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"Meditate On Bassweight"

Completely torn about my next purchase, Macbook Pro or Technics 1210’s. Thought I’d mention why I’m wanting them

Macbook Pro

I haven’t had an up to date laptop in donkeys years and my only chance to produce (since my windows laptop with FL died multiple times) is when Hanna very kindly lets me use Logic on her laptop for a bit, or at college in free time, and I’m only in one day a week til the end of the year. I’ve slacked so hard with production to the point where it’s fustrating me. Starting tunes, full of ideas, then just taking a break and forgetting about finishing it. This is why I need a macbook that can run Logic, would also be useful for college work

Technics 1210’s

For years I’ve been using a cheap bog standard pair of direct drive stantons, they do the job, but whenever I go use some 1210’s, I realize just how much easier it is to mix! I’ve just got so used to using these stantons with THE SMALLEST pitch adjust in the world and not very good torque at all, and I’ve just lived with it and got used to it. I feel that I cannot progress any further with DJing remaining on poor equipment. Buy nice or buy twice.

So yeah Macbook Pro or Technics1210’s?

Producing or DJing?


Usually just scroll through on my phone, liking posts that I will later reblog
Extreme lack of originality on my behalf


Just lost all motivation

I haven’t seen this time in a long time

Don’t get JSA now I’m back at college, My family’s got like no money themselves

Hard times

Everyone’s getting up for work

I’m off to bed with a smile on my face

I’ve gotta enroll to college in a few hours which should be… interesting?

So many shit nights starting around where I am

most of which are nights for really grim dubstep because it’s the only genre people have ever heard of nowadays

And the flyers, my god.

saying it looks like something they did it MS paint would be a compliment

don’t get me started

since when did it become a thing for everyone over the age of 13 to run a DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBSTEP night

Gonna change my middle name on facebook to “Dubstep” who works at “Really sick DJ” maybe then I’ll be able to succeed in my DJing

You are deng.

Sort it out.

My laptop decided to break halfway through uploading that mix, really hope I haven’t lost it forever :/