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"Meditate On Bassweight"

So many shit nights starting around where I am

most of which are nights for really grim dubstep because it’s the only genre people have ever heard of nowadays

And the flyers, my god.

saying it looks like something they did it MS paint would be a compliment

don’t get me started

since when did it become a thing for everyone over the age of 13 to run a DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBSTEP night

Gonna change my middle name on facebook to “Dubstep” who works at “Really sick DJ” maybe then I’ll be able to succeed in my DJing

You are deng.

Sort it out.

Just woke up

That nap at 12 was a bad idea


5AM & I’m still awake.


Had a powercut since the early hours of this morning

This meant no TV, no turntables, no internet

Made me realize how fucked I’d be if I didn’t have any of those things


Cannot help but feel I’ve ruined everything

Fill in a 90 minute survey for £10. Seems legit

2 Questions ‘til the end and it says “I’m sorry, but the answers you have submitted makes you not eligible for this survey, Thank you for you time”

*Throws computer out window*

No one wants to talk to me, since that new feature on facebook chat, I can now see that everyone has seen the message but chooses to ignore me

The weather outside is grim so that means no skateboarding

Got no cigarettes and my anger levels are rising

Fuck the world