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"Meditate On Bassweight"

Illuem - 02/08/12 Mix [All Vinyl]

Very happy with how this mix turned out, no massive mistakes as far as I’m aware 
Completely unplanned mix 
Only problem is the audio quality due to having to record through my Behringer mixer 

Jay 5ive & Kromestar - Hands In The Air [Bass ‘n’ Love] 
Skream - Dutch Flowers [Tempa] 
Clouds Ft. Tilu - Under The Dancing Feet [Argon] 
Distance - Beyond [Chestplate] 
Dark Tantrums - Unborn [Deep Medi] 
Breakage - Rain [Digital Soundboy] 
Mala - Education [DMZ] 
Loefah & Pokes - ASBO1 [Not On Label] 
Freeze & LX One - Forseen [Osiris] 
DJ Madd - Dubmarine (Kryptic Minds Remix) [Black Box] 
Digital Mystikz - Ancient Memories [DMZ] 
Biome- The Raven [Osiris] 
Compa - Security [Area] 
Kryptic Minds - Arcane [Black Box] 
Vex’d - 3rd Choice (Loefah Remix) [Planet Mu] 
Compa - Beginning [Boka]
V.I.V.E.K. - Roots [Deep Medi] 
Pinch - Punisher (Loefah Remix) [Planet Mu] 
Skream - Midnight Request Line (Mala Remix) [Tempa] 
Silkie - Sky’s The Limit [Deep Medi] 
DJ Madd - Battle [Wheel & Deal] 
LX One - Give It Up [Wheel & Deal] 
Kromestar - Rainy Dayz [Deep Medi]

Feedback appreciated

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